We provide youth with supportive mentors and many grouped events where young boys and girls will have: 

- Supportive mentors and role models who listen, encourage and believe in them.

- Supportive adults who sets a positive example of respect, responsibility, and accountability.

- Supportive atmosphere where your child is empowered to speak their truth, and encouraged to take responsibility for their choices.

- A community where boys and girls see their peers are facing similar challenges, and they are NOT ALONE in their struggles.

With the combination of learning, fun, leadership opportunities, peer mentoring, self-esteem building exercises and a supportive mentors we are able to change lives.


All meetings are facilitated by one or more SupporTeen Youth staff members, and supported by volunteer mentors. The meetings follow a curriculum designed to help teens cope with typical problems and issues at home and school, and bring awareness to the importance of making good choices.


In short OUR PASSION!!! We understand the importance of building a strong partnership with families and the community is mandatory. Every child is unique and has different backgrounds that we make our job to understand so we can effectively get the most out of them. We believe in family and it takes a village to raise a child. We are where ever support is needed like the classrooms, in the community, at sporting events, recitals, and accomplishments. Our #1 mission is helping young people reach their fullest potential. 


SupporTeen Youth, Inc. would like to thank you in advance for taking time to browse our website. With the growing number of young people falling through the cracks at school or has developed habits that do not put them in the best position to be successful we are passionate about doing our part to support them academically, socially, and personally through school work, mentorship, and activities to be better.


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E: contact@supporteenyouth.org

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